Steve here …Serena, the charming British woman living inside our shiny new GPS, guided us through the rolling hills and mountains of southeastern Pennsylvania to beautiful and “fall foliaged” Ryerson State Park.   To all of you luddite, GPS a-fearin, Google mappin’ folk out there, mark my word;  if you plan to set out on a 10,000 mile music making joyride around the US of A,  spend the lousy hundred and ninety nine sheckels on one of these electronic wonders.  Your marriage will remain intact AND you’ll be guided to some incredibly beautiful places that just do not exist in your Rand McNally road atlas.

Where was I?  Oh right.   We headed up the gravel and dirt road into the densely forested state park, looking for a place to set up camp for the night.  Let me explain the “setting up camp” process to you hardcore backpacking, rock climbing mountaineer types.  We travelled with 28 ukuleles, 3 guitars, 2 banjos, 500 of our newly published Ukalaliens Songbooks and close to 500 CD’s; not to mention a few changes of socks and underwear, so flying or hitch hiking was out of the question.  We traded our beloved VW Westy for an Airstream conversion van.  No, it’s not a Prius, but we ate, slept, showered, shaved etc. in that baby. So, setting up camp for us means finding an available space with water, electricity and drainage hookup.

The windy road eventually led us to a beautiful, nearly empty  park with our choice of 20 or so available sites.  We backed “Modoc” (our name for the RV; from a book of the same name about an elephant) into our chosen spot, and I began the task at hand; THE HOOKUP.  10 or 15 minutes later, I was back inside Modoc enjoying a delicious dinner of spicy pasta and salad prepared for me by Kate.  We finished our meal and played some songs (that’s what folksingers do after dinner) and eventually tucked in for the night.

We woke to the sound of pelting rain on the roof.  Sound familiar?  But it was dry inside our “tent”.  Hallelujah!  We drank our Nossa Familia coffee, ate some oatmeal, and decided to head to our gig in Harrisburg.

Raingeared and ready, I  headed outside to break camp.  I unhooked the power cord and hoses,  checked the RV systems gauges (drinking water, house battery charge and the yellow and grey water levels) and realized the  time had come……..must empty the waste water holding tanks. I should mention, that by now it was raining racoons and mountain lions so I knew it would be extra fun!  I drove around to the dump station, dismounted  trusty Modoc and proceeded to hookup the drain hose (did I mention the torrential rain fall?)

Right about then,  I notice a small pickup truck, (the only other vehicle in the park) coming down the road. It  pulls up along side us , stops, and down rolls the window.  The fully camo-covered, slightly grizzled, bow and arrow equipped,  deer hunter in the driver’s seat asks me with a big grin on his stubbly face, “what the hell are YOU doin’ here?”

I thought for a second or two, looked him square in the eye and replied, “livin’ the dream, I’m just livin’ the dream”  We both had a good laugh, he rolled up his window and headed down the road.

A few minutes later, I was right behind him, headed toward the big city.