Kate here … The trail unwinds and we are almost home. It’s been 17,000 miles and 2,457 new uke players since the publication of our Ukalaliens Songbook on October 1, 2009. Steve and I have been wandering around the country with an aim to satisfy the uke-curious and kickstart the shy into making music. Guess what? It works! Traveling with 26 ukes to lend (thanks Kala!) has broken new ground in old territory previously reserved for qualified musicians. We have raided the field and brought new players in to play.

Now we prepare for Woodstock, New York and get ready to present the Ukalaliens Workshop for the cameras. Homespun is making a Ukalaliens™ DVD downloadable by anybody, anytime, anywhere to learn to play uke with us – the next best thing to being there.

Defining a trinity of titles, “Folk Remedy” is the moniker for our duo band in concert (aka Kate Power & Steve Einhorn). Concert appearances with our full ensemble are posted as “Folk Remedy.” Ukulele workshops are posted as “Ukalaliens­™ Workshops.” Our business and website name is Quality Folk.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to host us for a show or a workshop! You can find out how easy it is on our website at www.qualityfolk.com under “House Concerts” and “Ukalaliens.”

June will find us in the northeast! Folk Remedy (that’s us!) will play shows with the good folks at Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY with Walt Michael, Pete Seeger at the Strawberry Festival in Beacon, NY, Oregon’s transplanted Ryan Lamm at Roots Cafe in Brooklyn, NY and a very special concert at High Valley Center in Clinton Corners, NY presented by the incredible Maeve Chronicles author and friend, Elizabeth Cunningham. Check out our calendar for details.

Please, please tell your friends in New York to come see us! Thanks for your support.

After June, we will be working in the Great Northwest, up and down the West Coast and closer to home. We have enjoyed traveling across the country these past seven months. Now we are booking in the western neighborhood. We are booking 2011/2012 shows and workshops and invite all inquiries for both Folk Remedy and the Ukalaliens Workshop in your neighborhood!

On a personal note, the hub of our wheel is shifting north a hundred miles to Olympia, Washington. Portland has been home for more than thirty years. We have expanded our community from the Pacific Ocean to the salty shores of the Atlantic coast and still feel called to live in the Pacific Northwest. Our Portland roots are growing beyond their original borders. As our music forges new friendships, it has brought us to new places and expanded our community nationwide. The adage, “There are no strangers, just friends we haven’t met yet.” holds true for us. Our beautiful country is filled with remarkable people doing good work. We are just two folksingers traveling in the mix, affected by the same issues as our national neighbors.

We sold our house. Like many we know, we could no longer afford it. We whittled our belongings to a minimum, packed them in a POD and left in our Ford Econoline van to work a midwest tour at the end of March.

The positive nature of the Ukalaliens™ brought smiles and broke frowns at every stop along the way. Colorado, Missouri, eastern Oregon, we were made welcome and were well cared for at every stop.

Returning to Portland brought a few surprises. Both Steve and I have been in love with Portland, Oregon for well over than thirty years. Yet, this time around, no matter how eager we were to resettle here, every attempt to rent our next home in Portland was foiled by one thing or another. We needed to look a little further.

This time, by the time we came home our constitutions had changed. We were in rural America for a great deal of our traveling, sleeping better in rest areas crowded with semi trucks than we ever slept on our own street in northeast Portland. The last two weeks on the tail end of our trip landed us in Mosier and that’s where that peaceful, easy feeling finally won us over.

Maybe it’s just for a while but for now, it’s the smaller places that speaks to our hearts. We are ready for a gentler place and have found a home in Olympia, Washington. By the 4th of July, we will be in our new nest and settling in. How long we stay remains to be seen but you will always be able to reach us through our website!

Never fear, we WILL be coming to Portland monthly for shows and invite you to bring us into any setting to share our music, teaching, art and heart.

Our postmistress told us we need to have a big party and invite everybody (even the postal workers who have helped us mailing our products over the years.) This move definitely calls for a big party. We will look to the calendar and look for a place and let you know. Everybody’s invited! Stay tuned…