We saw Pete Seeger sing and play on the Hudson River and filmed two Ukalaliens instructional DVDs for Homespun back in Woodstock, New York, due out before long…

So Olympia… We got here. Home from the road, after New York, before Cape Cod, we picked up a little U-Haul right from the Portland airport fresh in from Woodstock. Back in the Pacific Northwest. Oregonian relatives gathered with us the very next morning to help us load up Steve’s art studio and move it a hundred miles north to Olympia, Washington. Our POD arrived behind us with the contents of our home and by the 4th of July everything was unloaded. Steve and I were setting up a new nest. Our second, the first in sixteen years or so.

We like the pace here, the salt air. Neighbors are fast becoming good friends. We walk and bike much of where we go and a trail of old growth forest leads down to the water not even a block away.

Special nod goes to Bailey, our new landlord’s dog who decided to head over to Steve for a pat on the head and turned a casual conversation between strangers into new friends and a house as our community expanded in a handshake.

We moved a few weeks later to a little place on a hill from our northeast perch in Portland to a bungalow overlooking Puget Sound.

A hundred miles north, Olympia is more than a stone’s throw from our old neighborhood but given what we’re doing, our music finds us back within easy reach and earshot of Portland every other week or so.

Come October, the “Ukalaliens™ Uke & Sing” will be hosted every Monday night at Yenney Music in Oly starting on October 4th. Seating is limited to around 30 people so sign up and reserve your seat on our website. Walk-ins are welcome.

Breaking new ground with people new to music and a bunch of Kala brand ukuleles, we’ll show anybody who wants to know, how to play and sing. It’s really fun.

In the “Uke & Sing”, people who play other instruments are invited to bring them to play from their seats. The inital uke lesson encompasses ALL instruments in the spirit of folk ensemble. Vocal warm ups follow. Warm up your pipes to sing. It’s a favorite. Then “the uke etc. ensemble” becomes a guided singalong with group-friendly songs using “Rise Up Singing” songbook and the oral tradition. All levels, beginner-to-pro sing along every Monday night from 7-9. Making Beautiful Music with Everybody is good for you. $10. Seating Limited. Reserve yours at http://www.qualityfolk.com.

McMenamins brings us to Portland! On guitars, banjos and ukuleles, a bunch of great songs and stellar harmonies in Centralia (Oly Club/Tuesday 9/21, 10/19, 11/23), Edgefield (Winery/Weds 9/22, 10/20). Free!

Then Kennedy School Gym for the big, come-one-come-all Ukalaliens™ Uke & Sing (Thurs 9/23, 10/21) for all ages. We’ll have two dozen Kala ukes to lend. ALL voices and instruments are welcome. Guitar, mandolin, cello, harmonica; you play it, you bring it…

We are so happy to present these shows and really, really hope that you will join us.

Coming up next is a first.

Ukes at Neskowin Valley School REGISTRATION at Sitka is still OPEN…
Sunday, 9/26
Ukalaliens hit the Oregon Coast
Kate Power & Steve Einhorn

“Tunes in the Dunes” Prelude with Kate Power & Steve Einhorn.

Kate & Steve will present Ukalaliens workshops for everybody and a Singalong for All Voices & Instruments at the Neskowin Valley School on Sunday, September 26th, 2010. Make beautiful music with everybody and join us on the Oregon coast. Register today at http://www.sitka.org.

(Mark your Calendars for the TBA first annual “Tunes in the Dunes” next year same time at Westwind Camp, Oregon Coast, September 23-25, 2011.

Speaking of ART
“Matter” gallery in Olympia, an art gallery of recyclable and sustainable ingredients. Steve’s sculptures are in the window along with artists with a hand in sustainability culture. Come to the “Artwalk” coming up soon in Olympia! Steve will be at “Matter” with his sculptures making music. Back at the drawing board, Steve’s illustrations, prints and cards are up and drawing. http://www.qualityfolk.com.

BONUS! Free gift with every purchase – music CD or art by Steve!

…and Homespun DVD News – we did it! Ukalaliens are coming up and kicking off the new “Pick it up and Play” series. Available soon by clicking the Homespun button on our webpage at http://www.qualityfolk.com.


Eleven months ago we prepared for a long tour around the country with our Ukalaliens Songbook and music. Sharing what we were up to in this newsletter, people responded with encouragement, gifts and their own reflections about what a sweeter world it is with music in it.

The good folks at Kala Ukulele made us feel like family and sponsored us with dozens of ukuleles to share. Nossa Familia coffee roasters makes doubly sure we have their delicious beans waking us up for every morning along the road.

Here we are with a million more stories to tell……….

As we come closer to the end of this year out on the road, we thank everyone who is part of this ride and a deeper part of the whole journey with your hearts, good wishes and hospitality. We love to share our music, art and teaching with people. We see life in America from a unique perspective and sing songs we all know with strangers, guiding strums on strings with them for the first time.

There’s a great deal to say about that. Your friendship, participation and love for our music sustains us. People who take our lead, pick up instruments and make music, help us to get it started, kindling what we do and turn that into music. This sustains us through all kinds of weather and around every kind of corner. Music is like that.