Kate here – Last week in September 2010. What an amazing week it was. We left Olympia for our first McMenamins run to sing our songs in Centralia & Edgefield and brought our Uke & Sing to the Kennedy School. My, that was fun! So fun, we’re going to do it again in October.

Then we went to the Oregon coast and taught our Ukalaliens I & II for Sitka at the Neskowin Valley School followed by a singalong that may be the best one we ever led. We’re going to bring what we learned to all of our upcoming sings and show people how to come together to make beautiful music.

The Uke & Sing! has brought about some real transformation for a lot of people and they keep thanking us for turning their musical buttons on. We are humbled by their enthusiasm and grateful for the good work that allows us to share our music and teach them how to make their own. It’s meaningful and a whole lot of fun to do. Sure, it’s a lot of schlepping, hauling and driving. We’re carrying dozens of extra ukes to share along with our banjos and guitars. It’s worth it. We hope we get to do this for a long time.

Over this next while, you’ll see us traveling closer to home in the Pacific Northwest. Come winter, we’ll bring the ukes to California and back. We’re looking for work in music stores, schools, libraries, arts organizations, retirement communities and house parties. We provide ukes, workshops and concerts filled with our music. If that sounds like something you would like to host or come to, be sure to let us know and we’ll see what we can do to get together.

Thanks for all the wonderful support you’ve shown us. We love you for it and will go the extra mile to come sing with you and for you.

This fall, we are happy to say that Homespun will release TWO DVD’s (downloadable) on our Ukalaliens I Method and Ukalaliens II with more technique & repertoire. Ukalaliens on Homespun. Yes! We may even be the first in the “Pick it Up & Play” series. We’ll let you know all about it. Meanwhile,m feel free to hit the “Homespun” button on our website homepage and meander around!

This week we are getting ready for the Olympia Artwalk with Steve’s sculptures in the great recycling gallery at Matter! and the Uke & Sing! series coming up and Arts NW conference in a couple of weeks.

Monday, October 4th at 7PM kicks off the 1st official “Uke & Sing!” at Yenney Music. Step right up! Folks can sign up for it online at our website under “Register for Events.” You can also just show up. The seats are limited to 30+ so don’t wait to get yours, just reserve your seat today! This is truly a great way to learn to play uke, to make music on any instrument, to sing and to harmonize. It gives everybody a chance to learn how to make beautiful music in a folk ensemble. Under the guidance of Steve & Kate and the simple methods of the Ukalaliens Songbook, a good time is absolutely guaranteed. Shy-friendly, beginner-to-pro friendly, all are welcome and invited to participate. Bring your instruments or just come! Absolutely no experience necessary. All experience welcome. Can’t wait to sing with you on Monday in Olympia!

While we were at the coast, we toured the Westwind Camp for the “Tunes in the Dunes” ukulele camp being planned for 9/23-9/25/2011. The beauty of the place! We took the little ferry across the Salmon River, walked on the beach to the trail up to the lodge and cabins. There was a nice amphitheatre and bonfire set up on the way. This uke camp is going to be fantastic so be sure to mark your calendars and stay tuned at www.sitkacenter.org.

Musically yours,