Strato-FaceSteve here… A fig and a ’51 Pontiac hubcap walk into a bar…

Kate and I met Lynne Curry at Fishtrap 10 years ago. This past July, she read a piece about figs at the gathering that was so steamy……I’m still red in the face.
Anyhow, after the reading, I gave her my fig photo which she used in this piece.
By the way, Lynne is an extraordinary chef.  Hope you enjoy this.

…As long as I’m shamelessly self promoting, check out this piece in the Bangor Daily News. That’s my hubcap guitar in pic. #4. Whoopee!

…And you might as well watch this little film-I shot it with my Brownie Starflash……It’s me telling the backstory of building the ’51 Pontiac Hubcap Guitar for Landfill Art!

Thanks for looking and listening.   Please feel free to leave your comments below. Hope to hear from you soon.