Jack Power_PipeOur special concert set at Abbie’s House Concert was dedicated to the life, music and family life with my father, Jack Power, who passed away during the lunar eclipse on the morning of this show. In “Ole Dad” fashion, we decided the show needed to go on and imagined his foot tapping as we sang our songs for him.

Oregon Music News journalist, Tom D’Antoni wrote us last month to find out when we’re coming home and to ask “Where’s the parade going to be?” Here’s the answer.
Piano Room

It doesn’t get more down home than Kate & Steve singing a new carol in The Quiet American‘s home in Hood River on a winter’s morning before Christmas. Kate Power, Steve Einhorn, Aaron, Henry & Nicole Keim sang Mary’s Baby from the first refrain and captured it here on the wing. Won’t you join us and sing along? (lyrics below) Your comments are most welcome! Please share this song with the ones who harmonize your world.

Peace Plains_72
Peace Plains drawn by Steve Einhorn

A newborn Christmas carol for you to sing along with us.

Wishing you peace on earth and goodwill to all, a merry and blessed holiday with heartfelt thanks ~ Kate & Steve

Kate Power ©2014

Come sing! Shepherds & kings,
Sing for the babe in the manger.
Peace and joy to bring, and
Bless you wherever you go.

Out in the wood on a wintry night,
The evening star shone so brightly, so bright;
And there in the manger, a baby boy born,
To Mary, a baby was born!

Out on the road, through the desert three kings,
Did ride with their eyes and their senses so keen,
For a sign of the King they were seeking, foreseen,
For a sign of the King forseen.

The cattle and horses, the piggies and sheep
All huddled up close for the Baby to keep,
Swaddled there in the arms of His Mother, asleep;
Swaddled there in her arms asleep.

“Mary’s baby!”, the angels sing,
“Mary’s baby!”, Prince of Peace!”

Now Mother and baby are gone long ago,
This story is Older than Older than Old…
Still on every Christmas morning is told,
On Christmas morning is told.

That there in the wood on a wintry night
The evening star shone so brightly, so bright!
And there in a manger a baby boy born
To Mary a baby was born

Come sing! Shepherds & kings,
Sing for the babe in the manger.
Peace and joy to bring, and
Bless you wherever you go.

Peace Plains_72You might enjoy a visit to view Steve’s art. New pieces are added regularly and custom images are now available for tattoos and ukulele tops. Check it out!

Thanks to Hollie Butler for sharing her exquisite new tattoo with us – a Steve Einhorn original. What a beauty!

Steve Einhorn tattoo_Holly Butler

A great gift for someone you’d love to help get past first strum and onto a home run to stylish playing on ukulele…
Web_Ukemobile by Steve Einhorn©2013UKULELE DOJO with Kate Power & Steve Einhorn
All Day Uke for Intermediate Players!
Saturday, 2/28/2015
10AM to 4PM $60, Lunch Included
Contact & Reservations to Nancy Chesler at vnches@me.com
(Easy access west side home setting)

UKULELE DOJO, Portland OR – Are first-position doldrums setting in? Are you ready to get past first base on the ukulele? Do you want your uke to accompany your singing with style? Do you want to go somewhere new on your fingerboard?

Bust out from simple strumming and move into fingerpicking patterns and rhythms that move with feeling. Take a day with Kate & Steve to learn simple ways to grow your personal uke style. Learn how to find the right key and transpose easily.

The left hand will blaze a new trail up the fingerboard as the right hand works the strings in simple intervals to move with the melody.
Kate & Steve teach uke with tunes and lyrics so be ready to sing and play! Learn how to play well with others and the secret to bringing songs and tunes to life. Kate & Steve will draw from a broad range of music to demonstrate techniques that can be applied across styles. Handouts provided. Recording devices encouraged.

This workshop is appropriate for advanced beginners to intermediate players who are comfortable with first position chords and strumming. Basic picking ability is helpful but not required. Ukulele lovers will come away with skills that enhance solo, duet and ensemble playing.

Collectively, Kate and Steve have boiled more than a hundred years down to a musical roux that offers tasty learning no matter what the mix. Co-creators of the Ukalaliens Songbook and several Homespun DVD’s, find out more about Kate & Steve at http://www.qualityfolk.com.

Song samples we may teach from include:
Somebody Stole My Gal
Jug Band Music
Coney Island Washboard
San Francisco Bay Blue
Hesitation Blues
Blue Moon
City of New Orleans
Peace Call
The Water is Wide
Jamaica Farewell
Under the Moon

_20140607_29109_KATE AND STEVE
Dear friends,

We are looking to purchase a work-live place in Portland that will give us room to create and promote our music, art, writing, crafting and also give us a cozy home life. We hope to relocate soon. If you see any interesting real estate, please contact us at folks@qualityfolk.com or by calling 503-331-1994. Thank you!

Upcoming Concerts & Workshops for your calendar…
Wish you could play the ukulele? Kate & Steve are available to provide their popular Ukalaliens Workshop: Beginning Uke for Absolute Beginners in libraries, homes, schools and community settings. We provide 30 ukes to share and teach how to play and sing with uke in less than 1 hour! Call 503-331-1994 or email to folks@qualityfolk.com for more information or book a date.

Saturday, December 13, 2014 – Dusty Strings Open House Concert – Kate & Steve at 7PM (following Arthur Migliazza with Peter Spencer and followed by The Canote Brothers!) FREE admission and homemade cookies.

Thursday, January 15, 2015 – Opening and backup for Tom Paxton at The Triple Door, 216 Union St, Seattle WA. Tickets available now. Doors at 6:00PM, 7:30PM Show. All ages welcome with adult.

Friday, January 16, 2015 – Opening and backup for Tom Paxton at The Alberta Rose, 3000 Alberta St, Portland OR. Tickets available now. Doors at 6:30PM, 7:30PM Show. All ages welcome with adult.

Saturday, January 31, 2015 – Winterfolk Concert at Aladdin Theatre, 3017 Milwaukie Ave, Portland OR to benefit The Sisters of the Road. Lineup includes Bryan Bowers, Kate Power & Steve Einhorn, Avery Hill and many more! Emceed by River City Folk host, Tom May. Tickets at Music Millenium.

Saturday, February 28, 2015 – All Day Ukulele Workshop with Steve Einhorn & Kate Power. 10AM-4PM. $60 (lunch included). Private home in Portland. For reservations contact Nancy at vnches@me.com. Limited seating. Intermediate players.

Saturday, April 4, 2015 – Double bill with The Quiet American in House Concert at Abbie Weissenbloom’s in southeast Portland OR. Reserve seats here or email to abbiew@froggie.com. $15 suggested donation. 6:30 Potluck, 7:30 Show

Saturday, April 25, 2015 – House Concert in Hood River at Paul & Kristen’s at 401 Montello. Reservations by calling 541-387-4011 or email to paul@speedfish.com. 7PM Show.

We look forward to seeing you soon! Stay in touch 🙂 xo