Here’s a taste of Randal Bays’ exquisite fiddle on the air, Anach Cuain preceding the powerful song of The Blacksmith. I only recently learned that one my ancestors included a blacksmith from Cork City – so perhaps it’s only fitting that this song was such a favorite from the newly remastered from the 1983 Wildgeese recording now available here..

The producer’s choice for an original track and the first recording of “Undressed Melody” in a younger Kate’s voice on the newly remastered from the 1983 Wildgeese recording now available here.

The opening track on Wildgeese Celtic Music of the Northwest starts with Planxty Charles, Kitty’s Wedding and builds into the third thunderous tune, Sonny Brogan’s finishes the set. A sample of the first two refresh memories of Portland in 1983 and this newly reissued recording now available here.wildgeese_cover_1_20150211

It’s here! The cdbaby link is live and Wildgeese “Celtic Music of the Northwest” is ready for you to enjoy. Click the “Shop Now” button on the Wildgeese​ facebook page to get your copy of physical CDs and downloads, or go to cdbaby at direct. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 1, 2015 is the official re-release of the rare 1983 Wildgeese “Celtic Music of the Northwest.” Produced by Míchéal O’Domhnaill, this remastered recording will be available for the first time in over thirty years. As of March 1, you can purchase and download your copy at CDBaby! Read all about it on the Wildgeese facebook and blog with us at to add your memories and describe this amazing time in Portland. If you were there, please follow our blog, like our page and help us spread the good news. If you weren’t, give yourself the gift of Wildgeese: Celtic Music of the Northwest reissue and join those who have treasured this timeless recording and find out why. The good old days are here!  ~ Wildgeese


Wildgeese_portrait_1983Wildgeese: Celtic Music of the Northwest! Re-issue of 1983 recording is almost ready! Check it out at GoFundMe here

See and read more about it on the new Wildgeese blog!